Prioritizing Yourself

When I made this website, I had one thing in mind. I wanted to write about stuff that wasn't going on with me but with the world. But some events happened to me recently and it made me realize some stuff and I thought I should share since I did learn a lot.

Have you ever felt like you're worth absolutely nothing? You noticed people subtly excluding you out of plans, you're not invited to things, you get plans cancelled on you last minute, it's becoming hard to participate of conversations, you overall just feel like people are being forced or they're morally obligated to hang out with you. And all that comes out of this is that you blame yourself. You figure that this must be your fault and that there has to be something wrong with you. You must have done something wrong and every attempt that you have at fixing the problem somehow it just makes you fell more and more worthless.

One of the reasons why this website came to exist is because I was feeling all of these things. It's uncomfortable to admit it out loud, It's humiliating really. But if this feeling of worthlessness has come upon you, just keep in mind that this is how I'm feeling in this exact moment right now.

I just got a mental block mid writing this so i'll try my best to get to the point. Your worth is not up to othesr, but up to yourself. If you are in a situation where you feel like you've been wronged, communicated with this person and based on their reaction decide if it's worth staying in this relationship or not. You shouldn't feel like you're not prioratized or valued and you should never feel ignored. You matter as much as anyone else. You're not arrogant for putting yourself first and prioritizing yourself.

Ending Note: prioritizing is such a hard word to spell.
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