The Importance of Letting Go


Hi. Long time no see. This website is pretty interesting because I remember it exists every few months. I hit a car today. Not really hit, more like I scratched it. This sucks. Now the insurance is gonna go up and my dad isn't letting me pay out of pocket. All my Europe funds would've gone to that stupid car. It wasn't a bad scratch.

I think i't important that we're always mindful of our actions. The lady was very nice about it, but not everyone will be. You have to own yourself up, hold yourself accountable. This has been a very, very, VERY shitty week. But I know that every other week that I ever have won't be shit. We have to go through the bad things in life to be able to enjoy the good things. I know that.

To whoever decided to read this, just know that it's okay to have bad days. That humans make mistakes. You make mistakes. You're not perfect so don't put youself in a place where you expect and others expect for you to be perfect. We all have flaws. The important part of life is remembering the things that make you happy. Remember the things that make you happy to be alive.

All the love, Gabi

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