Why my SAT Score doesn't matter

My sister scored an almost perfect score in the ACT. She got into UF but she is studying at one of the top 5 best European schools. She has always excelled at math, english, portuguese, and the worst grade she has gotten would probably be like an 80. My sister is smart and she got all the smart genes in the family. By smart, I mean academic smart (if this wasn't clear enough). I got my SAT score back today and I am embarassed. My sister would never come near a score like this. I'm scared to tell my parents because I don't know how they'll react. I am scared for college admissions because for a girl with big dreams, my SAT score doesn't even compare.

I made this website awhile to not only practice my writing, but to make people not to feel alone. I am confident that I have done big things. I'm confident in my writing, I strongly believe that as long as my message is loud and clear, that my grammar mistakes don't matter that much. I love writing about big topics that I am passionate about but also about how imperfect my life is. I am a 17-year-old girl. I'm passionate about Journalism, True Crime, making a change, culture. I thought myself how to code HTML just to have a place where I write about the things I like. My SAT Score doesn't matter.

I have gone through struggles that many people couldn't have gone over. I tell myself every day that I "can" and I "will".